Customer had a diverse fleet of outdated copiers and printers that were costly to operate, labor-intensive to maintain and lacked the advanced workflow functions of more Contemporary devices. With the growth of the company and a continual increase in the volume of paperwork, Customer needed an efficient and cost-effective method of producing documents.

Rupstech Solution:
To increase functionality and eliminate the burden of Customer staff and IT department Rupstech deployed eleven new Canon image RUNNER MFP’s. The newly installed MFP’s would allow Customer staff to:


  • Electronically distribute documents to desktop computers, e-mail and fax recipients through an integrated Canon platform
  • Convert PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel or WordPerfect
  • Create high quality documents fast and easy and in fewer steps
  • Increase printing and scanning capabilities and manage documents in-house



By integrating new Canon MFP’s Customer dramatically increased their productivity, document and device management, document distribution, color management and cost recovery. With added capabilities that enhanced printing and scanning processes Customer no longer had to deal with labor intensive workflows, but a streamlined platform that combines their hardware, software and services creating a more effective and efficient workplace. On top of that, the Rupstech experienced IT Team was able to successfully upgrade Customer systems without substantially disrupting daily operations.

The Greinharts