Client Challenge                                                                    

The client’s -based patient admission application allowed patients to fill up their demographics and ailments in ‘pain categories’. Although the system was designed to engage the patient with customized questionnaires, it required in person visits. Social distancing needs of the pandemic demanded a remote mobile-enabled solution.

This required a complete overhaul of the existing technical architecture of the EHR platform. The development requirements, combined with the need to replicate the existing admission workflows ramped up the difficulty level of the app development process.


The initiative started with Nalashaa’s mobile app development team’s understanding of the client’s clinical workflows and UI/UX design requirements. Below are some of the critical aspects of the mobile solution we developed for the client.

Hybrid Mobile App Development: Using ‘Ionic’, a prolific mobile app development framework, Nalashaa’s mobile healthcare solutions experts built a robust solution for both the iPhone and Android platforms. The hybrid app will perform optimally and consistently, giving patients the ability to complete the admission process remotely and therapists to receive patient inputs well-before the appointment.

QR Code-based Access: The mobile app streamlines the patient admission process by facilitating remote form filling. A one-time scan of a QR code displayed at chiropractic clinics is the first step to using the app. Once patients turn on the camera on their mobile devices to capture the QR code, they can access the patient admission form.

XML and Questionnaire Design: The patient admission forms enable collection of patient medical history, personal details and other mandatory demographic information to therapists. The app is designed to convert patient input to XML files that are later ingested in the EHR . The convenience of the mobile platform eliminates the need for patients to visit clinics for admission. The mobile app also facilitates therapists to know about patient ailments before even meeting them for an appointment, enabling efficient care-coordination and high-value encounters during therapy sessions.

Dynamic Screens and UI: The dynamic screens in the app allow patients to ‘choose’ from multiple pain categories during the admission process. Through an easy-to-use UI designed to collect patient information comprehensively, the mobile app facilitates remote patient admission and check-in when the patient visits a chiropractic clinic for the appointment.The interface also maintains the simplicity of the legacy  application the patients were familiar with to give them a familiar yet rich user experience.


  • No Contact Check-in process
  • Elimination of Patient Wait Times
  • Front Desk Automation
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